L A  M E N E G H I N A

YEAR: 2016
FOR: Polifactory

La Meneghina is a city bike based on an open source project designed and developed by Polifactory together with Confartigianato and under the patronage of XXI Triennale. Each city is characterized by a particular natural and artificial morphology. The idea behind La Meneghina comes from a careful analysis of the conformation of Milan, with the specific objective of encouraging bike usage in the urban area. Its functionalities are made explicit through precise design choices, merging the Italian artisan tradition with a conception of the bike typical of the northern cities. La Meneghina is a bike for everyone, to be used daily, for going to work or the happy-hour. Elongated frame and oversized wheels guarantee an effective tool to tackle city obstacles such as pavé or tram tracks. The most classic elements such as the handlebars are combined with the accessories designed by the Polifactory team, integrating analog and digital fabrication, adopting solutions between tradition and innovation. The colors reflect the classic ones of Milanese public transport with some details that highlights its contemporary spirit.