S M A R T  B I N

YEAR: 2019
FOR: Vodafone Italia / Polifactory

Designed as part as the Vodafone 5G use case series, the Smart Bin is a fully functioning concept developed for Vodafone Italia and showcased at the Milan Digital Week 2019.
The project aims to demonstrate one of the possibilities allowed by the next generation of mobile network through a concept of an indoor smart bin for public spaces (such as offices, universities, train and bus stations, etc…) capable of automatic sorting of the waste.

The usability of the system is as simple as the gesture of throwing waste. Users just have to put the waste into the recognizing chamber wich, through the use of a photocamera, recognizes the type of waste and automatically sorts it into one of the four containers. The top interface, in addition to communicating in real time the filling status of the containers, also notifies the user of the type of waste inserted.