foto studio di whoopi, una lampada per esterni


W H O O P I YEAR: 2020 FOR: Design contest Whoopi is a collection of outdoor lights that stylistically reinterpret the archetypal lines of the lamp, recontextualizing them in modern days. Primitive and simple shapes break down with strong and bold voids, characteristic of the most contemporary hi-tech products. An apparently basic and obvious lampshade hides… Read More


I S O L A YEAR: 2020 FOR: Design contest Isola takes inspiration from urban areas in which the architectural heritage full of their history comes back to life in a new contemporary way. Isola is characterized by minimal yet elegant and continuous shapes. The basic shape of all the pieces of this collection is characterized with… Read More


T W I S T R YEAR: 2019 FOR: Polifactory TWISTR is a parametrically generated walking cane, based on the user's anthropometric data. It is part of the collection of objects “NEXT STEPS”, an exhibition curated by Polifactory for the second year of the European project DDMP - Distributed Design Market Platform. The stick, entirely 3D printed,… Read More


S M A R T  B I N YEAR: 2019 FOR: Vodafone Italia / Polifactory Designed as part as the Vodafone 5G use case series, the Smart Bin is a fully functioning concept developed for Vodafone Italia and showcased at the Milan Digital Week 2019. The project aims to demonstrate one of the possibilities allowed by… Read More


S M A R T  G A T E YEAR: 2019 FOR: Vodafone Italia /  Polifactory Another part of the Vodafone 5G use case series. The Smart Gate is a fully functioning concept developed for Vodafone Italia and showcased at the Milan Digital Week 2019. Smart Gate is a system for monitoring closed public spaces. Through… Read More


M O M E N T O YEAR: 2018 FOR: Master's Degree thesis MOMENTO is a system for match and performance analysis applied to football. It is composed by four key elements such as: soccer shoes, ball, beacons and a management and analysis software. The system works storing motion and performance data from the soccer shoes, equipped… Read More


F A B R I C - A C T I O N YEAR: 2017 FOR: Polifactory Fabric-action ( is a pilot project, promoted by Regione Umbria and Fondazione Politecnico, coordinated and developed by Polifactory in collaboration with Museo della Capana di Sant’Anatolia di Narco and has focused on research and development of innovative product ideas and… Read More


L A  M E N E G H I N A YEAR: 2016 FOR: Polifactory La Meneghina is a city bike based on an open source project designed and developed by Polifactory together with Confartigianato and under the patronage of XXI Triennale. Each city is characterized by a particular natural and artificial morphology. The idea behind La… Read More


O N E  M O R E  L I N E YEAR: 2015 FOR: Academic project One More Line is an innovative solution, both esthetically and functionally, that develops combinations and overlapping effects as well as symmetries and asymmetries, which celebrate the purity of the volumes and the compositional harmony of the wall. Modularity and versatility make… Read More